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Artwork-IconArtwork that is ready to print ideally is to be supplied as a file in an Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, PDF, JPG format. Graphics content should be 300dpi at actual print size. For people proficient with page creation programs, your die-cut shape (regular or custom) can be described in the file as a vector key line of 1pt named the colour Cut Contour (colour name must be exact) , set as a spot colour (not cmyk) and positioned on the top priority level of the file (just create it last!).

For All jobs:
All art should have a minimum of 3mm Bleed or “Safe Area” around the outside of the image for cutting purposes. This way, if the material shifts slightly during cutting, your art will not be affected.

Color Type – We use a CMYK process printer, files designed in RGB color will automatically be converted to CMYK. NOTE: We will NEVER match exactly what you see on your screen as you’re designing. Colors always shift on different print processes and machines, and no ones monitors are calibrated the same. Always keep that in mind!
All image art should be designed to 300 dpi at the actual size you want it printed. If your sticker is 2cm x 8cm, create it that size in your program – with 2mm bleed! If you want it 23cm x 15cm – create it that size! Sometimes this creates a file much too large to email – In this case we suggest using a service like – Or try saving your file as a JPG or TIFF with LZW Compression.
When sending files created in Vector based software like Illustrator or CorelDraw, make sure you convert all text to Outlines or Curves – We do not have everyone’s fonts, so this makes the process much easier!

If you are unfamiliar with file creation programs, you can set you file up in a program like Photoshop or Photopaint (or similar). The important thing to remember is to set the resolution correctly, it can’t be changed later on! First set the width and height you want your label to be and then set the resolution to be AT LEAST 300dpi, we recommend 600dpi if wording is required. See sample of Photoshop “Image Size” window here. Save file as a jpg format to send. If you are having content (pictures or colour) printing right up to the edge of the label, you will need to add an additional 2mm to the overall size of the label to allow for cutting, called bleed. You can put some guides in to remind yourself that the outer 2mm will be cut off.

If none of the above makes any sense, we are more that happy to create artwork for you, see here.

– An extra area around a file to be trimmed off when the job is cut. Usually about 1-3mm in size, it does not form part of the final size but is required to be included in the artwork file. Allows background colours and graphics to continue right to the edge of the job without white edges.

TRIM – Where the job is cut, determines the final size of the job.

RESOLUTION – The amount of information contained in the files bitmap content. Measured as dpi (dots per inch) and is typically 300dpi for print and 72dpi for web. Dots refer to pixels, which are the information cells holding the colour data for your job, in a 300dpi resolution file there are 300 dots horizontally and 300 dots vertically in each square inch of area, so one square inch will hold 90000 pixels. The pixels are similar the the tiny dots you see when looking at a TV screen very closely and, in fact, work in exactly the same way. From a distance all the different coloured pixels merge to form a graphic image or photo.

KISS-CUT – The process of cutting self-adhesive material part of the way through so the sticky material is cut but the backing paper is not. It allows individual stickers and labels to be removed from the backing in their final shape and size.

PERF-CUT – This cuts out the sticker with its backing so its an individual, loose item. It allows easier distribution of the sticker, no further cutting is required.

FONT – This is the name given to the style of type used in any given artwork. Helvetica, times and futura are popular fonts.

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